Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WLWT-TV Chief Met missing from 5pm broadcasts?

Apparently, WLWT-TV chief meteorologist Derek Beasley may be having a tougher time with his split shift than expected.

According to a reader of John Kiesewetter's blog (and confirmed by TSMW), Beasley has not been on the 5 or 5:30pm newscasts all week. It's unclear whether he is on the 5-7am News 5 Today program or not. I will be checking on this story later this morning and will update this story...If he's not on the News 5 Today program, he may just be taking a well-deserved vacation...but if he is, look for a change at the Power of 5...Valerie Abati may possibly be moving into the Chief Met's slot, and Beasley back to morning/noon, which could leave either Eric Green, Randi Rico or John Bateman seeking employment...There's also the possibility that Green may actually be off this week, which means Beasley is having to cover the morning and noon news, which would be why Abati is doing all of the evening news.

UPDATE: Beasley DID indeed do News 5 Today on Tuesday morning. So either Green is on vacation, OR my thinking about a change at WLWT is correct.

UPDATE 12:10pm 11/12: Eric Green was on News 5 at Noon today. Beasley is working on a project for the morning news, according to John Kiesewetter. He won't be on 5-6pm this week, but is expected to return next week.

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