Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quick post before I depart for the evening...

...as real life interferes again, with a wrapup of a couple stories making news in our market (one of which is actually a national story affecting every Fox affiliate in the country):

ESPN Gets Deal for BCS: It's just been announced that ESPN has secured a deal to broadcast the Bowl Championship Series beginning in 2011, according to the network in a press release sent out this afternoon. That removes the bowls from free TV, meaning you have to get cable to see the games starting in 2011. However, until then, Fox Sports continues to broadcast the games on WXIX-TV 19 and, in Dayton, on WRGT-TV 45.

KISS 107 Caroling With the TV Stars: WKFS-FM (107.1 Kiss FM) has started another competition between news anchors at the TV stations in Cincinnati.

KISS-FM's morning show duo of Tim and George (at least, they are for now, until the sale of Clear Channel is complete) is hosting the "Caroling with the News Stars" contest, where the winners will have $1000 donated in their name(half to the Dave Thomas Foundation, with the other half going to the charity of the winners' choice). You can vote here until Monday. The field of four will be cut to 2 at 7am Monday, and the winners will be announced the day before Thanksgiving.


pacbytes said...

ESPN getting the BCS doesn't mean that the games will air on the cable network. ESPN also provides all of ABC's sports programing. I would guess that these games will air on ABC with heavy promotion on the ESPN family of networks.

Great Blog...Keep up the good work.

Tri-State Media Watch said...

This is a good point - HOWEVER - I will tell you that the press release did NOT say anything about providing the bowl games on ABC. Still, if they do, I won't be surprised...it's just that currently, they do NOT have that information in the release.

Thanks for reading!