Monday, November 24, 2008

Hamilton County planning a TV Recycling Event for Spring

As previously noted here at TSMW, television broadcasting has to be digital by February 17, 2009. And most people are buying new digital TV's.

What does that mean for all those analog TV's? They'd all wind up in the landfill, aka Mount Rumpke(so named because the landfill near I-275 and US 27 in Colerain Twp. is owned by the trash company, and is about as tall as the 7 hills of Cincinnati).

That is, unless Hamilton County Commission President Todd Portune has a say in the matter.

WCPO-TV Channel 9 reports that Portune wants to have a TV recycling drive of some kind in Spring, after the transition is completed.

Portune noted that the old analog TV's have parts inside that can be recycled and put to good use.

We here at TSMW think this is a good idea in theory. How it plays out when it's actually done, remains to be seen.

We'll keep you updated.

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97gooljo said...

I have an idea -- why not take all those recycled TV's to a central location and set them up to show recycled programs all day long:

CSI: Miami,
Law and Order SVU,
any one of a hundred NYPD Blue ripoffs, which in and of itself was a Hill Street Blues knockoff, which, of course, was really just an updated Hawaii Five-O, minus the surfing and the Danno and all . . .

It'll be a blast!