Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nielsen to do radio ratings in some markets...but NOT Cincinnati!

The good folks with both our friends @ Ohio Media Watch, and, report that Nielsen, more widely known for doing TV ratings, is going to branch out into radio ratings as well.

The word is that Cumulus is asking Nielsen to do radio ratings in 50 small and midsize markets. In 17 markets, according to the New York Times, Clear Channel will also take part in this service.

As of 2:15am, Radio-Info had identified these markets...but only one is represented in Ohio...Youngstown. This of course means in Cincinnati, both companies will still use Arbitron, which is the standard for radio ratings (even though CC and Cumulus DO compete here). We also note, however, that included in the list of new markets for Nielsen is...Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky, about one hour south of Cincinnati (making that about 45 minutes south of the headquarters for TSMW in the Cincy southern suburb of Florence, Kentucky...some Lexington signals can be heard as far north as Grant County, KY). So, there is one market within the normal traveling sphere of influence of this blog.

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