Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November Sweeps - Same as May?

With November sweeps ending on Wednesday, here's how it looks for each station, according to John Kiesewetter of the Enquirer:

WCPO(ABC 9) - Wins 5-6:30pm, may win noon
WKRC(CBS 12) - Wins 6-7am, may win noon
WLWT(NBC 5) - Third at 5-6:30, 11 p.m. and noon; Last 6-7am. (Editor's Note: Doesn't look like their shuffling mornings or evenings worked...no surprise there...)
WXIX(FOX 19) - Wins 7-9am(they are the only all local morning show from 8-9am, but split 7-8 with CW Cincinnati) and 10pm; second 6-7am


97gooljo said...

WLWT's ratings might be a reflection of their propensity for tabloid-style sensationalism. If it's violent, dirty or scandalous, count on the Power of Five.

I haven't noticed a health beat or tech or any other sort of specialty reporter on their broadcast for a long time . . .

Final thoughts?

Tri-State Media Watch said...

I think the problem at 5 is not just what you mentioned...but something that's lacked throughout their troubled times ratings wise.

When they were doing well back in the 80s and 90s, it was because they kept the same team in place. When they started making changes to the team they had, they started losing viewers.

Just this Tri-State Media Watcher's opinion...