Thursday, November 20, 2008

People, Let Me Tell Ya About My (New) Best Friend(s)

Went all lyrical on y'all but, it's how Your Tri-State Media Watcher is sometimes...and considering I have my 3 hour on-air DJ shift at 9am, it's a good mood to be in.

Anyway, on to the reason for the title of this blog...I have two new friends to introduce you to tonight, and who have been linked at the top right of the page:

WIXY's Gone Bananas: This one is by a man in the town of Rittman, Ohio(Near Cleveland somewhere, I believe). He found me courtesy of the entry about the Blog-O-Fun by the people who originally inspired this blog, my friends at Ohio Media Watch. He can be found here.

Cleveland Classical Media: Here's a friend of the above. He focuses on Cleveland, but the difference between him and OMW is, he focuses on the history of the market. He introduces me here. And the rest of his blog can be found here.

And Finally: Seeing as how I dropped the hint about needing to be on air at 9am, here's the link. Generally, I play music from the 90s and today...the only thing we (as a station) don't play is country music. If it's rockin', we play it(or more specifically, I play it). We have the name Baby Dolls. (Don't ask where that came from, I am just a DJ, albeit the Assistant Head DJ Manager). I currently do Thursday-Saturday mornings, 9 to noon Cincinnati Time, and fill-in at other times during the week as well where I am needed.


74WIXYgrad said...

Rittman, Ohio is about 40 miles south of Cleveland and 20 miles west of Akron, and the only town in the United States with that name.

I got started blogging by my participation on the radio message boards.

74WIXYgrad said...

Oh, BTW we are currently in the mid 30's but expecting some lake effect snow in the next couple of days.

Tri-State Media Watch said...

No surprise on the lake effect snow. You guys up close to Akron/Canton should get a couple of inches from this. Communities immediately along the lake...1-2 feet is possible!