Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Rare Weekend post...

In a move that will shock most of my readers, Your Tri-State Media Watcher decided to do a quickie Sunday morning post to highlight one or two things:

Cleveland Area Woman Reviews Brian Williams'...Ties???: Thanks to our friends at Ohio Media Watch for this general tidbit...

Seems a Cleveland woman (Nance Donnelly, a schoolteacher) decided she would start reviewing the ties (and by this we mean neckwear) of NBC News anchor Brian Williams. Her reports can be found nightly, after...well, "Nightly News", at this link. Nightly News With Brian Williams can be seen at 6:30pm on WLWT-TV/DT(Channel 5, Cincinnati) and WDTN-TV/DT(Channel 2, Dayton).

One More Switchover to Report: We have confirmed as of this past Friday that K-LOVE stations across the nation are doing some Christmas-themed music...we had forgotten about this in the original update earlier tonight. Those stations are as follows in Cincinnati and Dayton, as well as others in the southern part of the state:

-- WNLT-FM 104.3/102.3(Depending which side of town you are on, excluding areas around Wilmington)
-- WKLN-FM 102.3(Wilmington and surrounding area ONLY)
-- WEKV-FM 94.9(Portsmouth, Ohio area ONLY)
-- WOKL-FM 96.9(Dayton area)
-- WQRP-FM 89.5(Dayton area)
-- 106.3FM via Translator (aka W292CO, Middletown area of NE Butler/NW Warren Counties)

If you have a station to report that airs Christmas tunes, email us here. After Tuesday, we probably won't note too many more of the switchovers. By the way we are still looking for any reports out of Indianapolis, for our readers in Southeast Indiana that might receive those stations.


Jen said...

I'm a K-Love supporter! I love that station!

74WIXYgrad said...

We have some K-Love LP-FM stations in my neck of the woods. My daughter listens to them on occasion, but prefers the Fish station up here. I prefer the Moody Broadcasting station WCRF/103.3.