Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WKRC To Finally Launch HD News??

We had this one weeks ago...
No official word, but it looks more and more like WKRC-TV 12/Cincinnati will go HD next week. That would definitely be logical, as the new TV season begins next week. Of course, WKRC has been preparing for an HD launch for months, since their new set debuted late last year. Then there was the matter of that graphic that we spotted on the side of a Local12 news van a month ago, and that a TSMW reader helped confirm (below):
Another reason Local12's move to HD makes sense to happen next week: WXIX-TV 19/Newport goes to a 1 hour 6 PM newscast on Monday. That of course means 3 out of four news programs will be HD. (Still nothing from WLWT about them launching HD News.)

All of this means, watch next week... I would look for WKRC to launch HD Sunday night or Monday morning...

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