Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quick Update On Insight - Two ADDITIONAL channels off Basic Service

Over the last few days, we've reported about Insight's move to take C-SPAN 2 (Insight 12), Oxygen (Insight 37) and QVC (Insight 26) off the basic lineup.

Well, add two more, surprise, channels to that list!

We got home last night from our Tuesday of running, and found out that Insight had ALSO taken MPTV (Marketplace TV, Insight 5) and RETV (Real Estate TV, Insight 9) off air on the basic side ONLY.

That, to say the least, was a surprise.

However, Insight programs those two channels with cooperation from local businesses and, in the case of RETV, real estate agents. So it's their prerogative to take those off air...and we don't think they require the advanced notice that others do.

Still, this was a surprise even to Your Tri-State Media Watcher, who hadn't a clue this was planned...

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