Thursday, September 3, 2009

JUST IN TO TSMW: WLWT Expanding Sat. 6 PM News on 9/12

We're just getting word of this, after doing some late afternoon running:

WLWT will expand their 6 PM newscast on Saturdays only to 1 hour, beginning a week from Saturday, September 12th, reports John Kiesewetter. The NBC Nightly News will bump back to 7 PM, with “American Health Journal” to follow in the 7:30 slot and lead into the Saturday prime-time lineup.

This will come after Stacy Owen begins her new job at WLWT as News Director on Monday... Owen of course still has to replace Derek Beasley, who left town late last month. She'll also be putting together the new evening newscasts which will feature Jack Atherton and Sheree Paolello beginning 10/5.

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