Monday, September 7, 2009

Reviewing the WEBN Fireworks

As anyone who lives in Cincinnati knows, WLWT-TV 5/Cincinnati and WEBN-FM 102.7/Cincinnati presented the annual fireworks extravaganza on the Ohio River last night. And I thought they were very well done.

The only complaint yours truly has about it, was that the musical selection seemed like it wasn't quite right. Maybe that's just Your Tri-State Media Watcher talking, but...the selections didn't fit.

As for the was very well done. I do think the 1 hour show was actually a lot better than the 2 hour shows of previous years. I actually, however, would have liked to see another 30 minutes of setup. WLWT aired the NBC Fall Preview last night from 8:30 to 9, but that time could have been used for the same stuff that usually filled the first hour of the 2 hour shows. But it still was done well.

The main camera angle was set up looking from the Newport riverfront it appears. That was well placed. No choppiness, like WLWT had in their first effort in 2007. No very far away camera shots from Devou Park or Mount Auburn this year, and NO HELICOPTER SHOTS...that made a HUGE difference!

Overall, this year was a solid B+ effort from WLWT. Rozzi's Fireworks did a great job, earning them an A- - but the WEBN music selection should have been a bit more on the upbeat side in our view...which earns the radio half of the show a B.

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Anonymous said...

You're 100% right! The music sucked!