Monday, September 14, 2009

Some TV, But One Radio Note...

It looks like a mix for our Monday update...

"My" Star 64: Before it became "My 64" or even a WB affiliate as "WB 64", WSTR-TV 64/Cincinnati was known as "Star 64".

The Star is back.

John Kiesewetter has the details:

Explains GM Jon Lawhead: “After years of calling ourselves WB64 and My64, we are returning to our most popular and memorable brand, ”Star 64″. It’s kind of like re-introducing an old friend. People in Cincinnati still call us “Star64.” I’m still introduced at functions as being from “Star64.” It takes a long time to achieve brand equity and we already have it with “Star64.” It makes all the sense in the world to capitalize on a memorable brand and we’ll return to it effective Sept. 21…. We are not abandoning our network by any stretch. As you can see, the new logo has the MyNet background and colors.”

Kiese has one thing wrong, however. WWE Smackdown is original programming every week. There are no reruns of the World Wrestling Entertainment program at all...

WMUB Wins More Awards: John Hingsbergen, the former PD of WMUB-FM 88.5/Oxford, sent word that the Society of Professional Journalists awarded WMUB with these honors during their recent awards dinner.

1. “Fast Fungi”
Tana Weingartner, WMUB-FM
Judge: Downright lovely, and informative.

2. “Student Protest”
Gary Scott, WMUB-FM

1. “Model-T Party”
Gary Scott, WMUB-FM
Judge: This entry just has form­and the nostalgia element doesn’t hurt either. Good work.

1. “Double Dutch Champions”
Cheri Lawson, WMUB-FM
Well done; love mix of audio. Hard to decide between 1st and

2. “Chi Running”
Cheri Lawson, WMUB-FM

1. “EnterTrainment”
Cheri Lawson, WMUB-FM
Judge: I was fascinated by this feature. Excellent­what more can I say?

2. “Borrower Outreach”
Tana Weingartner, WMUB-FM

1. “Threshold Choirs”
Cheri Lawson, WMUB-FM
Judge: All entries were excellent, but as to subject matter, this one was unique. Splendid use of narrative with music, and vice versa. I was moved by this, and I imagine many WMUB listeners were as well.

2. “Sew Much Comfort”
Gary Scott, WMUB-FM

3. “Homeless Gateway Plan”
Tana Weingartner, WMUB-FM

And on a related note, John passes along word that one of the award winners, Cheri Lawson, is now doing some feature work and fill-ins at WNKU-FM 89.7/Highland Heights.

We congratulate WMUB on all of these awards. As we noted to John, we hope the talented staff of the now-repeater of WVXU 91.7/Cincinnati finds something steady...a talented group like this shouldn't be out of work...

WKRC's Bengals Nation: Last week, yours truly attended the 1st taping of "Bengals Nation with Coach Marvin Lewis" from Cadillac Ranch, 41 E. 6th Street, downtown.

Our thoughts on it? We had a couple:

-- The taping is definitely a more intimate atmosphere. At Gameworks on the Levee, you didn't have that.

-- They have some kinks to work out. Like, they taped a game on the patio. What happens in December when it snows? Where do they move it then?

-- Overall, the quality of the show didn't decrease all that much. We were pleased with it. But we wish they hadn't eliminated the screaming crowd opening...

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joe beans said...

huh. i still remember 64 as its 1980s incarnation, WIII. follows goofy jingle:

"we're the eyes of cincinnati / c'mon 64!"

they used to run "starblazers" and "casper the friendly ghost" cartoons in the afternoon.