Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Latest on Local Stuff

I realize I haven't posted in a week! As announced way back in February, I have the prerogative to take a few days to clear my head. So I have been off doing just that. But, let us get to the media news that's come up since last week:

First FSO, Then WLW Cut Away Early From Reds?: Indeed, it looks like that's what happened, according to the Enquirer today.

Monday, during the first Reds/Brewers game of the series, Fox Sports Net's computer in New York cut away at 11:30pm to "Best Damn Sports Show Period", with the Reds game in the bottom of the ninth and the Reds winning 7-6. It apparently affected all local subscribers plus those on DirectTV who received the game, including the father of Reds outfielder Laynce Nix in Midland, Texas. Fox Sports Net later did apologize for the error.

Then on Tuesday, with the Reds again in the bottom of the ninth inning with one out, WLW's feed did exactly the same thing...cutting away from the game into a commercial and coming back in at postgame. What happened at WLW is still unclear.

Skinner is One Angry Guy: John Kiesewetter gives us this and the next two items from his blog.

Apparently, when Skinner was let go late last year, 96 ROCK WFTK-FM 96.5 continued to use the "2 Angry Guys" branding for their morning show for another 2 months. Skinner wasn't too happy about that, says Kiese. This is a quote:

Skinner says the station made the changes about two months ago -- which would be about when Skinner's attorney, Eric Deters (yes, the fill-in WLW-AM talk show host), sent Cumulus a copy of the suit they intended to file. Says Deters: 'We tried to resolve this. I sent a letter to them with the copy of the law suit, and they didn't respond.... I don't bluff, so I filed it.'

Skinner also says he remains friends with Gamble, and the suit "has nothing to do with him."

WFTK has since changed the show's name to "Gamble-N-Fin".

"Clean House" in Westwood: We not only heard about this through Kiese, but have seen TV coverage on WLWT-TV/DT 5...

The Style Network is filming an episode of the "Clean House" show in Westwood, at the home of Sharon and Brigitte Baglien. They're shooting a two-hour special at the house, which will air July 1 as the climax to the seven-episode hunt for the messiest home, says Kiese.

Kiese says that the daughter, Brigitte, told him her mother never threw anything away, buying multiple sets of everything, and never threw out Brigitte's baby toys or clothes.

Kiese also has these notes about the yard sale, and an appearance by the "Clean House" team:

There is so much stuff that the yard sale has been moved to the old Steve & Barry's store at 5150 Glencrossing Way, in the Glenway Crossing Shopping Center, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. Host Nash will be there, along with co-stars Trish "Yard Sale Diva" Suhr, designer Mark Brunetz and "go-to" fix-it guy Matt Iseman.

All four "Clean House" celebs also will sign autographs at a meet & greet 5-6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Time Warner cable customer service center in Tri-County Mall in Springdale.

FSO Schedules Conflict: And finally from Kiese comes news about one somewhat local sports team, whose schedule is about to conflict with the Reds'.

The Columbus Blue Jackets NHL team has made the playoffs, and that's about to create issues for its' fans locally.

Kiese says the first game will air locally, as there is no conflict with the Reds Thursday night. That game will air at 7 pm as scheduled. But Reds games conflict with the series on Saturday (6 pm) and next Tuesday (7 pm), and if there's a need for games 6 and 7, those will also conflict on April 27 and April 29.

Time Warner usually creates separate channels for these kind of situations, but Kiese says he has no official word on what will be done. Stay tuned for more details on this one.


Pat Jenkins said...

keep and eye out for what tw plans to do in spfld about the bluejackets-reds jeremy. you are going to be my source.....he he....

Pat Jenkins said...

jeremy remember our discussion on the new morning anchor over at wdtn? pam elliot is her name. came from indy....