Wednesday, April 8, 2009

RTN On the Air in Cincinnati, plus ABC announces its summer schedule.

A couple headlines on this Wednesday evening:

RTN On The Air at 25.3: This comes from Rich Emery, dutifully keeping his eyes on DTV stuff from Fairfield...and we do realize this is a DTV item, but figured this was the right spot for it...we will have a DTV item or two over at Tri-State DTV Watch in a few minutes.

RTN (Retro Television Network) is on the air in Cincinnati on 25.3, at long last, after almost a month of hints and suggestions that it was almost here!

Right now, it looks like WOTH is on 25.1, WBQC/WKRP is on 25.2, RTN is on 25.3, and the old skyline shot of eastern Cincinnati near their tower is on 25.4. The cheesy White Springs TV (that) has been on 25.4 is nowhere to (be) found right now.

ABC Announces Summer Lineup: Also from Rich, comes the news that ABC will burn off episodes of several critically acclaimed TV series that didn't make the cut this past fall over the summer.

TV Week says the following at the end of their story:

ABC also is bringing back Burnoff Theater, scheduling the remaining episodes of some critically loved shows that didn’t make the cut.

“Pushing Daisies” will air Saturdays at 10 from May 30 until June 13, with “Eli Stone” taking over that slot on June 20. “Dirty Sexy Money” returns for its death march on July 18, with its finale airing Aug. 8.

Also returning this summer are "The Bachelorette"(which will kick off the summer May 18), "I Survived a Japanese Game Show", "The Superstars", "Surviving Suburbia", "Here Comes the Newlyweds", and "Wipeout".

And new this summer will be Mike Judge's new animated effort "The Goode Family", as well as a new reality show, "Dating in the Dark".

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