Friday, April 17, 2009

Ken Broo doing WLWT Anchor Fill-in Tonight

We happened to catch Ken Broo, normally a sports anchor on WLWT-TV/DT 5, filling in for Sheree Paolello tonight on the 5:30pm news.

It looks to us like Broo does a solid job as a news anchor. However, we're basing this off of about 15 minutes worth of viewing tonight. We'll check it out at 11pm if he's reporting then.


emery_r said...

That would have been very interesting to see -- I'd expect many sports reporters would have a hard time stopping their continual habit of using sports slang and quips when actually reporting hard news.

My favorite? Referring to the Miami Dolphins as the "Fish" -- which is a combination of silly and stupid, since dolphins are mammals, not fish. But in any case, Broo is an intelligent person and ought to do pretty well in the news anchor chair!

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

Rich, what we caught on Friday has us convinced he will do pretty well in the anchor chair. He did not do 11pm so he could be in his normal spot in the sports chair.