Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blue Jackets Update, plus Skinner Back On Air

A couple items to clear the plate on this Thursday night...all coming from the Kiese Blog (aka John Kiesewetter's TV blog):

Time Warner/Blue Jackets update: Time Warner has announced today that the Columbus Blue Jackets' game against the Detroit Red Wings Saturday night at 6 pm will air on Channel 99 locally. The Reds game will air as scheduled on Fox Sports Ohio at 7 pm.

Skinner Back On Air: Richard Skinner has a new radio gig. Skinner is hosting "Saturday Morning Sports Talk" 8-11 a.m. on WCIN-AM (1480), the smooth jazz station owned by WDJO-AM (1160). With other Angry Guy Tom Gamble still at 96 ROCK, Skinner has been paired with a familiar voice to talk radio junkies..... "Glenn from Mason."

This seems like a good move for Skinner. He works best with a partner, as we've heard. We'll listen in and see what happens...

Collinsworth for Madden: John Madden's surprise retirement today prompted a change at NBC for "Sunday Night Football".

Cris Collinsworth will replace Madden, NBC announced today. The former Bengal, who lives in Fort Thomas, has won numerous Sports Emmys for his work at NBC, Fox and HBO, both as a game and studio analyst.

This is a good move. Collinsworth has grown leaps and bounds since his days at WLW-AM as Bob Trumpey's successor on "Sports Talk". We'll definitely be watching this one, too...

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joe beans said...

man, how do you make a go of a saturday morning sports talk show on a low-power AM smooth jazz station?


furman couldn't even do it as an fm marquis!

speaking over whom, now that tj douche-manzadeh is gone, could we bring back furman? please? pretty please?

say what you will -- i miss a good east coast rant, and the man knows his sports.

paul daugherty is so . . . um . . . much better in print.

and the guy they had doing extra innings last year was just awful.