Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We got this tip late yesterday afternoon but were away from the TSMW Laptop...

John Kiesewetter at the Enquirer reports that several on-air staff at Kenwood Tower were laid off yesterday. The list so far looks to include Enquirer sportswriter Paul Daugherty (SportsTalk host), C. Trent Rosecrans (1530 WCKY) and Alan Cutler (Bengals Radio Network, WLW). Several producers were also cut.

The only local host on 1530 is going to be Lance McAlister from 3-6pm. Scott Sloan, whose 9-midnight WLW show is usually pre-empted by the Reds, did postgame last night which could be permanent. When the Reds don't play night games, McAlister will slide into the 6-9pm slot on WLW, and Mo Egger will do 3-6pm on 1530. Egger lost his regular 9-noon show in the cuts.

This is 1530's schedule as it looks now (all from FOX Sports Radio unless otherwise noted) and also coming from the Kiese blog, just go to the above link, then go to the next entry:

6-9 a.m.: Steve Czaban, the Washington DC-based personality who has subbed for Jim Rome.
9 a.m.-noon: Dan Patrick, who left ESPN in 2007 to host this new show and write for Sports Illustrated. He's a 1974 Mason High School basketball standout and a University of Dayton grad.
noon-3 p.m.: Jim Rome's show syndicated by Premiere (owned by Clear Channel) stays put.
3-6 p.m.: Lance McAlister (except when Reds play a weekday afternoon game, then Mo Egger will do this slot, while McAlister does WLW 6-9pm.)
6-7 p.m.: No more Lance repeat (which would be airing opposite Lance on WLW. Duh!) Now we'll hear last hour of Fox's Chris Myers & Steve Hartman show.
7-10 p.m.: Petro & Money, aka Petros Papadakis and Matt "Money" Smith, 7-10 p.m.
10 p.m.-1 a.m.: J.T. The Brick, aka John Tournour.
1-5 a.m.: Paid informercials overnight.

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