Monday, January 12, 2009

WLW host may have had last show?...AI Local...

A couple quickies:

American Idol Local Contestant: We learned today from Fox that a local is an American Idol singer, but may not appear on the show itself, which premieres tomorrow night (8pm, WXIX 19/WRGT 45).

Fairfield native Ryan PA (Paul August) Johnson made the Hollywood Round during July auditions in Louisville. Fox19 had a contest which guaranteed the winner a spot auditioning for producers; Johnson won.

Getting into the Hollywood Round doesn't mean, however, he will appear on the show.

Gary Jeff Walker's Last WLW Show?: Gary Jeff Walker has been a mainstay at Clear Channel's Kenwood Tower for the last 14 and a half years, as a DJ for 92.5FM WOFX (FOX) as well as a host on Saturdays on 700WLW-AM.

However, the recent sale of FOX to Cumulus may end the WLW show.

Walker told the Cincinnati Enquirer's John Kiesewetter that he met with Cumulus' TJ Holland last week. If they make him a good faith offer, Walker says he'll jump.

But he'd like to stay at 700WLW as well as his passion is talk radio. Which, if he goes to Cumulus' FOX, would likely not be an easy sell for Cumulus. Cumulus, however, doesn't do talk radio, after 96Rock was flipped from Supertalk last year.

More on this one, as we get it...

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jonathan goolsby said...

given CC's impending fire sale, ol' gary jeff may not have a choice.

i think furman, sterling, the angry guys and a whole bunch of clear channel alums should get together and storm the kenwood death star.

a little revolution now and then is a good thing.