Friday, January 23, 2009

A WCPO Weather Tracker Update

And no, we're not a member of the 9 News Ultimate Doppler team...

We reported at the start of the year/month that Insight would, and did, pull Weather Tracker off channel 71, which is part of Insight's Classic/Basic cable service, on January 8th.

We now know what happened to it, and why you can't receive it on Insight's Digital Cable on that channel, either.

It appears you not only need the digital converter to access the channel, BUT you need to subscribe to Insight Digital 4.0...which includes - surprise, surprise - Weather Tracker, and News 5 Weather Plus, which is WLWT-DT 5.2.

The listings at Insight's website(click Local Insight at the bottom, then enter a N KY ZIP code, once you're there the listings will be on the right) say the channel is on Digital 4.0 channel 432 in the News and Documentaries Tier.

An email from Abigail Miller who lives here in NKY told us that the channel isn't on 71 anymore even on a digital cable we thank her for that information.

UPDATE 1/25: Abigail has begun a petition for Insight subscribers to ask that the channel be brought back. We normally are an impartial source, but we do agree with the basic premise of the petition. To sign it, click here.

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