Monday, January 5, 2009

Leading off the first full week of '09!

UPDATE: 7:37 AM: We are hearing a few ideas from Tim Gorman. Click here to read his thoughts. He draws some interesting comparisons, but his ideas are very sound. And by the way, he has us linked, so we shall give him the same courtesy. We thank Cliff (74WIXYgrad) for linking us to that information - had no idea we were linked over there.

Original posting below:


We're leading off the first week of 2009 with a quick note about local radio, and an administrative announcement:

Clear Channel Meetings in Dallas This Week, Layoffs Coming?: Clear Channel, which last we checked A) still hasn't sold WOFX-FM or WNNF-FM (or anything else locally) yet, and thus B) is still in control of its radio clusters, is about to finalize its budget for the year. And that means meetings with local cluster managers this week.

These meetings will happen in Dallas, Texas, and according to our friends and colleagues at Ohio Media Watch, MAY result in layoffs across the nation. That's unconfirmed though.

Regardless, we'll be watching to see what happens here. Kenwood Tower is actually overdue for major cuts, which have usually happened pre-Christmas. We guess the CC bosses decided to have a heart this year, and not cut folks before the holiday.

And the Administrative Announcement Is: Recently, I told you that starting after the New Year, I would be moving all TSMW emails to a separate email address that I set up specifically for that purpose.

Effective today, that change goes into full effect.

As a reminder, the email address is

EDITOR'S NOTE: And by the way, if you look at my profile, you of course will note I have a separate blog for personal thoughts. That blog is NOT impacted by the change in emails, and you'll see that on that blog.


74WIXYgrad said...

Regarding the Clear Channel meetings, here is a link to John Gorman's blog and see his spin on what coulod happen.

johnnyscarface777 said...

I wonder if John Hogan will wear his Dark Lord of the Sith suit crush people's throats with the Force when he fires them?

Or maybe he'll just turn it over to CC's crack San Antonio-based Storm Trooper legion.