Friday, January 2, 2009

2 days late, but here's our end of year message

In the tradition of our friends at Ohio Media Watch, I've decided to have an end-of-year personal message from me to my readers, so, here it is.

Dear Tri-State Media Watch Readers,

This blog hasn't been in existence for too long. But in the short time, we've all become like family.

Some of you have shared small tips about your favorite stations. Some have just read to tell me I've done a good job. And others haven't jumped in yet. (I don't bite, promise!)

But regardless of whether you have or have not commented...I am glad you joined me on the journey so far.

2009 looks to be another down year for most media. If any medium survives, I believe it will be radio. TV and papers have been hit hard by the recent crisis. The fact is, media outlets across our nation are having trouble.

Here at Tri-State Media Watch, I and all my friends and family hope that there's a lot more positive to report than negative in 2009.

Thank you again for joining me on this journey.


Your Tri-State Media Watcher
Jeremy S. Moses, Editor


coltfan said...

yeah It seems that time warner and oher cable outlets just want to do what they can to screw the channels that pay for the air time. One day alot of companies will pull out and put time warner out of business.

coltfan said...

Oh and happy new year jeremy!

Michelle Dawn said...

Happy New Year Jeremy and I hope things get better this year for everyone.