Saturday, January 17, 2009

"This TV Cincy"...DTV Update After Second Test...CC Update...

A quickie update on a couple items, and a brand new station...And some technical difficulties here.

"This TV Cincinnati": That's right...there's a new subchannel in town...and it's run by Fox19.

WXIX FINALLY got rid of that message that apologized for the loss of "The Tube" network when it shut down over a year ago. And it's been replaced with...a 24-hour movie channel!

This TV was launched in November by MGM, as an outlet for its movie library. So we may see the James Bond and Pink Panther films, or "The Burning Bed", says John Kiesewetter of the Enquirer in a blog earlier this week.

DTV Update: Looks like the second test of DTV went well at the home of Your Tri-State Media Watcher. All the channels came in, except, of course, for WCPO-DT 9's second subchannel which was taken off basic cable (1-99) by Insight on Jan. 8.

And now it looks like Univision is going to suffer the same fate by the end of the month. We can't read much Spanish but we saw enough to know that that's the case, by next weekend or the weekend after that.

Clear Channel Cuts on Inauguration Day?: That's how it's looking, say our friends at Ohio Media Watch, citing this New York Post article.

We're interested in seeing if they DO try to do this, but it won't be a surprise. Expect some personalities to not be at work on Wednesday.

The CC moves (or so far, lack thereof) have been the big pink elephant in the it should be interesting.

Finally, a quick note: Due to technical troubles at home, this blog may not be updated as frequently as usual until Jan. 30..wireless internet is not working at my home right now. It's not good for blogging, but it can't be avoided. We'll update of course if there's big breaking news.

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