Wednesday, January 7, 2009

LaBarbara Cut...More on Atherton

These items courtesy of John Kiesewetter and his media blog, with our own thoughts at the end of each:

Music Professor Dismissed Again: Jim LaBarbara's no longer the Country Music Professor.

LaBarbara did his last show on Dry Ridge country station WNKR-FM (106.5) last Tuesday, Dec. 30. He had done afternoon drive (2-6 p.m.) since September 2007.

"We didn't see the revenue influx for his show, and had to make a cut," explains GM Jeff Ziesmann.

WNKR-FM has reverted to the lineup from before LaBarbara's arrival -- voice-tracking mid-days, with Jay Anthony back to the 2-6pm slot.

We can certainly empathize with WNKR in this case. But, this is the second time LaBarbara has been cut, so we can feel bad for him, too.

Atherton to WLWT, Part Deux?:
There is now a little more truth to speculation that former WXIX-TV 19 anchor Jack Atherton will head to Channel 5 when his non-compete clause is over.

You'll recall that the same kind of clause was on Steve Horstmeyer's contract when he left WKRC-TV to head to WXIX.

That clause expires in September.

WLWT bosses wouldn't confirm the speculation...but, they didn't deny it either, unlike their colleagues at 9, 12, 19, 64, and 48.

And Atherton is tight-lipped about it too.

That could mean nothing...or it could mean what we heard, which was Atherton would head to 5.

If he does, then we can basically assume that Sheree Paolello and Sandra Ali's days as a team are numbered. One of them is likely to be cut if Atherton is going to do evenings.

The only reason we can think that the announcement is being delayed, is due to WLWT bosses wanting to decide who to keep and who to let go.

Regardless, we still wish Atherton the best of luck...

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Gigi said...

We really miss Jack Atherton. We always appreciated his honesty and warmth. He's like a big cuddly teddy bear. Don't know what TV19 was thinking. What a loss! Gigi