Friday, December 25, 2009

A Couple Christmas Words

We're still on hiatus, but we want to make note of two or three things...

1) We'll post our "Year End" message probably sometime December 29 or 31. (It won't be the of our friends has a birthday party on the 30th so we'll be doing that.)

2) As we noted on our Twitter account (Linked at right), John Hingsbergen sent us a story produced by Cheri Lawson, former WMUB 88.5/Oxford staffer. Lawson now produces stories for 89.7 WNKU/Highland Heights, Kentucky. This story was featured yesterday on NPR's "Morning Edition" national broadcast, which reaches 7 million people. Check it out at this link.

3) From all of us here at Tri-State Media Watch (mostly Your Tri-State Media Watcher), MERRY CHRISTMAS! (While we're at it, our thoughts go out to our friends and colleagues in Northeastern Ohio at Ohio Media Watch...who are dealing with some personal issues.)

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