Monday, December 28, 2009

BREAKING: One Change In Chillicothe, Flip Coming to Indy

UPDATE: We listened in and sure enough, WNTR-FM flipped right around 12:30 PM. Lance Venta at RadioInsight pegs the new "My 107.9" as "Still Variety Hits, but it appears at first glance to be more Pop leaning than the previous Rock leaning “The Track”," which sounds about right to us. The very first song to play was Journey's "Don't Stop Believing". The intro spoke of their three core values for the new "My 107.9", which were (as cited from the station's website here):

1) We Play the Widest Variety in Indianapolis (everything from Bon Jovi to Nickelback);
2) "We Listen to You" (including three different ways to contact the station); and
3) "We play everything you want" (request line, email or twitter).

Our original posting from an hour ago follows...


Both of these are just outside our coverage zone, but both are worth noting.

Chillicothe: We start to the east, where RadioInsight tells us that "Ross" is now "Mix".

WSRW-FM 106.5 out of Chillicothe has become WQLX-FM, and is now going by "Today's Mix 106.5". It's running what appears to be either Hot AC or at least Top 40.

We're calling it a flip, because it looks like before today they ran a straight ahead AC format with artists like .38 Special, Bonnie Raitt, and even Shania Twain.

Indianapolis: And now we head west, across to the other side of the TSMW coverage area.

Out there, you'll recall we noted WNTR-FM 107.9/Indianapolis going from "The Track" to "The Christmas Station", with a new format set to launch after the holidays.

We noted briefly on Twitter this morning that two days post-Christmas, that the "Christmas Station" holiday-themed format was still running.

It may not be for much in half an hour more from now.

We may or may not be near the desktop at 12:28 PM, but we're hearing that the station did run a promo around 1:30 AM saying simply "12:28 PM 12/28". Or something to that effect. As we type this, it is a few minutes before noon.

Anyway, whenever WNTR DOES flip, it will apparently become "My 107.9".

We caution: The timing isn't confirmed. But it's been known for weeks that they were going to flip... and 2 days post-Christmas seems to be a day for flips around the country (stations in Cleveland [Hello, OMW!] and Tulsa are also due to flip this afternoon, with the Cleveland flip about to happen as we type).

We'll have our ears on it...

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