Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Alternate Channels Set For Xavier/Kent State - Plus WHIO Returns Over The Air

BRIEF UPDATE TO THE FSO SITUATION: We're hearing from various XU fans on the team's message board that the last couple times TWC Cincy has had the game on alternate channel locations in Cincinnati, it's been the same location in Dayton.

Also, there's a reason that the X game did NOT get channel position 99.

It's a little thing called "High School Football State Finals" that gives the bump to XU from that spot on Time Warner.

As such, the game was put on channel 310. As far as we can tell, 310 is normally vacant - so FSO can light this channel up to carry future games.

And no, there's still nothing confirmed for the much-anticipated Xavier/Miami (Ohio) showdown two days before Christmas. Stay tuned on that...

For those who may watch FSO on other cable providers around the metro, we don't know what cable provider you're using but could use the help.

If you're NOT on one of the below listed cable providers, PLEASE email us at tristatemediawatch at gmail-dot-com. (You can put the email address together...our spam box gets filled on yours truly's personal email and we don't want this one to get cluttered, too.)

We'll check it often today and tomorrow before the game, and if we know what cable provider you use, we'll give you an idea of what channel assignment you're going to have...

The original item of Tuesday follows below...


FSO Alternate Assignments: We just received word of the alternate channel assignments for Xavier vs. Kent State on Friday night from Fox Sports Ohio.

While the Cavaliers will be on Fox Sports Ohio, the XU/Kent State game will be on these channels in our local area with the pre-game beginning at 7 PM with the game at 7:30 PM:

-- Cincinnati Bell Fioptics: Channel 261
-- Time Warner Cable: Channel 310
-- Insight: Channel 6
-- Dish Network/Direct TV: Fox Sports Cincinnati

Notice that the Time Warner assignment has changed to channel 310.

And, if you're anywhere else in Southwest Ohio, check out the website of Fox Sports Ohio for updates - we don't have any word on assignments in Dayton.

WHIO Returns OTA: Yes, we noted this yesterday, but WHIO returned to over-the-air broadcasting early Monday - before we got our morning update out.

We're hearing they restored service around 5 yesterday morning.

There is still no HDTV broadcast from WHIO as of this writing, because they are working on replacing the equipment.

We are unaware at present if they did any repeats of the CBS Sunday shows, or are planning any.

We'll let you know when they get full HD and SD signals restored.

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