Monday, October 26, 2009

UPDATE: Abati Move Not Permanent...Just For a Few Days.

This morning, we reported on Valerie Abati being moved to the mornings, and we didn't have any word on what would happen evenings.

Now we have some updated information.

According to TV Critic John Kiesewetter at the Enquirer, WLWT News Director Stacy Owen says the move is only for a few days. Abati will go back to evenings on Thursday, in time for the crucial 4 week sweeps period to begin. Eric Green is doing evenings today through Wednesday.

The move looks to be a test for whenever WLWT hires their new chief meteorologist. Speculation suggests Abati would move permanently into mornings.

Meanwhile, we wondered where a move for Abati would leave Randi Ricco - and apparently, we have our answer on that, too. We saw Ricco doing health reporter duty during the same News 5 Today newscast, talking about the swine flu. The thinking appears to be to move her into a reporter role of some kind with Abati doing mornings, Eric Green and/or John Bateman doing weekends and a new chief meteorologist coming in to do evenings, whoever that may be.

By the way, fans of WKRC 12's Bob Herzog and Liz Bonis need not worry about their absences this morning. They're both taking a short vacation and are anticipated to return for Thursday's sweeps start.

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