Friday, October 30, 2009

THIS JUST IN: Cavs Conflict to Bounce St. X/Moeller Game

Saturday night, the Saint Xavier Bombers face the Moeller Crusaders for the GCL South Championship at 7:30 PM on Fox Sports Ohio.

There's just one problem.

The Cleveland Cavaliers face the Charlotte Bobcats tomorrow night at 7:30...also on Fox Sports Ohio.

How have they solved this problem?

FSOhio has posted this word, also available at, on their Facebook page:


FOX Sports Ohio announces October 31 action-packed schedule including the Cavaliers & High School Football featuring St. Xavier vs. Moeller

Saturday, October 31, 2009 is an eventful evening on FOX Sports Ohio as we are covering the Cavaliers and the St. Xavier vs. Moeller high school football game. We don’t want fans to miss any of the action. Here are programming details.

Saturday, October 31

The Cavaliers vs. Charlotte Bobcats will be on FOX Sports Ohio, starting at 7pm with Cavaliers Live.

The St. Xavier vs. Moeller High School Football Game of the Week will be on the following alternate channels starting at 7pm with FOX Sports Ohio Live.

Time Warner – 99
Insight – 6
Direct TV – FSCincinnati
Dish Network - FSCincinnati

This scenario is unlikely to repeat during the playoffs, but if it should, we'll let you know those details...

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