Friday, October 30, 2009

Christmas Already

No, we didn't skip Halloween and Thanksgiving.

But one radio station is already doing the Christmas tunes, 24/7, as John Kiesewetter reports and we can confirm this morning.

WAKW-FM 93.3 "Star 93"/Cincinnati is already in Christmas mode, has been since Tuesday (!!) and could be the earliest station ever to start doing Christmas tunes, according to Tom Taylor, editor of the Taylor On Radio-Info weekday trade newsletter.

Randy James, Star 93's Program Director, said, “We’re a Christian station, this is our holiday, so we want to celebrate the season as soon as possible. We want to be more competitive, and this helps that. We wanted to be the first.”

Well, they sure of this writing, they're playing "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas". Wow...

Our take: They have the right idea...lots of people need the hopefully this helps. Even though, yours truly isn't ready for it...

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