Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bengals Getting 24 Hour Extension

We just got word of this while out, and tweeted about it from a quick run to the Florence Mall area.

WCPO, WKRC and the Bengals all report that the NFL team responsible for, we're sure, more than a few cardiac scares, is getting an extension of the league imposed deadline for TV blackouts.

Normally, the league declares extensions for teams when they have less than 1500 tickets remaining, and there's a high likelihood they will sell out within that extension period.

In the Bengals' case, they apparently think there's a high likelihood that they'll sell over 3,000 tickets, or TWICE what is normally required for an extension to be granted, and the league seems to agree.

Over the period from last night to midday today, the Bengals ticket sales spiked, which apparently helped influence the decision. Yesterday at midday, over 6,000 tickets remained.

We'll let you know if they make the 1 PM Friday deadline...

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