Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time Warner Customers About to Lose 19 Channels

I am in Cincinnati at the home of a friend who has Time Warner Cable (AKA fellow Babydolls/Frozen Paradice/whichever it is after Jan. 1 DJ K-I-D). We both noticed last night that about 19 channels from MTV/Viacom networks have a crawl across the bottom and that was enough to bring this blog back from hiatus for this post.

Time Warner customers in Cincinnati (and for that matter, everywhere else Time Warner works) are about to lose every single Viacom network tonight at midnight. The channels all have a crawl directing viewers to call Time Warner at a toll free number and demand (and they type it in the crawl as DEMAND) that the system not drop the channels. This number actually leads to the local offices.

We'll be following this story tonight, but suffice to say, unless a last minute deal is done, Nickelodeon (and that network's associated sub-channels), Spike TV, VH1, MTV(and all of their subchannels), CMT (and CMT2), and Comedy Central will all be dropped at midnight tonight. What a way to end 2008 and begin 2009 in our opinion...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Hiatus Information

A quick note from us here at TSMW:

First, we want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year.

Second, we noted last week we planned on a hiatus for the holidays. And that will begin tomorrow night, December 23.

We will post major news, such as stations being sold, personalities being let go(read: Channel 19/Raycom, which we STILL haven't heard about!), format changes, and other such major things. But, we otherwise won't be doing a daily post between now and Friday, January 2nd, 2009. That allows us here at TSMW HQ to spend time with our family and any friends coming in over the holidays.

Again, happy holidays from the Editor!

Jeremy Moses
TSMW Editor

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Wrapup plus news about the next two weeks

First, an announcement about this blog, and the next two weeks.

We will still be posting major news. But general, daily postings will be less frequent from now to after the first of the year.

And we will be trying to step completely away from this blog between December 25 and January 1.

Now, an update on a former morning host, and a look at CET looking for influential voices, courtesy of the Enquirer's John Kiesewetter:

Former "Sound" DJ Starting with Time Warner-Dayton: Clayton -- real name Chris Wilguess -- was morning host at WSWD-FM, "The Sound" until Bonneville fired the on-air staff and moved the station to a weaker frequency, 97.3. He'll be starting with Time-Warner Cable - Dayton on December 29 as a promotions specialist. He'll be working with the cable giant's Lima, Dayton and Toledo systems. (UPDATE 12/23 2AM: We did not realize until now, but Mr. Wilguess follows us here at TSMW.)

Clayton lives in Springboro, and had commuted here for the "Sound" gig. This puts him much closer to home. We here at TSMW wish him the best.

CET Seeks "Voices" of Influential Cincinnatians: CET will collect and archive narratives from influential Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky residents for its new "Voices" initiatives next year. The archive on the station's website at will "act as a living portrait" for future generations to learn from those who have made an impact here.

If you have a suggestion, email David Hancock at, or call him at 513-381-4033, ext. 317.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Correction, and update to TWC HD Channels Item

A couple weeks ago, we posted about Time Warner Cable adding six new channels. It turns out that it comes out to EIGHT channels, and the six cited was actually SIX HD channels. They are (with channel numbers in parentheses): Golf (989), Sci-Fi (994), USA (995), Animal Planet (996), Science (997) and ESPNEWS (998).

TWC also will add two standard definition channels -- MLB Network (178) and Sprout (167).

All 8 will launch December 30.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Email for Tri-State Media Watch

We have decided to take the plunge and make GMail our new and EXCLUSIVE email address for this blog.

Between now and January 4, 2008, you can continue to send emails about this blog, or tips FOR this blog, to, and they'll continue to be answered there.

After January 4, 2008, ALL email related to this blog (and this blog ONLY, my Personal Thoughts/Observations from N KY blog is NOT affected), should be sent to

PLEASE take note of this change. We will be forwarding it on to our friends at Ohio Media Watch for posting there, and any of our other followers that wish to post this information, and help us out, PLEASE do so.

Jeremy Moses
Editor, Tri-State Media Watch & Personal Thoughts/Observations from N KY

19 Flub-up and aired swear...DTV test TONIGHT

A couple of items for this cold, icy Wednesday:

FOX19 Goofs On Simply Money Segment, AND Airs Swear:
We've still got nothing confirmed with regards to cuts at Fox19 WXIX. But we DO have confirmation from at least one viewer about something that happened on their 6:30pm news last night.

Seems the station went to air one of their "Simply Money" segments, but the wrong one aired, we're hearing from a poster on's forums. It was cut off near the end...but not before a four letter word starting with "sh-" was clearly heard by viewers.

If that's true, we've yet to find out if they apologized on air for the swear word going to air.

Apparently, FOX19 bosses are being really tight-lipped about any cuts they are making. Ohio Media Watch and I both have heard rumors, but because they are just that...rumors...we've chosen not to talk about them until we have confirmation. But it's safe to say, any next round might include the person or people responsible for last night's goofup.

DTV Soft Shutoff Test Tonight: Tonight at 7:31:00pm, Ohio TV stations will stop programming on their analog signals and broadcast a DTV test for five minutes.

If viewers do not have a DTV tuner, converter, or a cable/satellite hookup, they will see a message instructing them what to do to receive DTV on 2/17/09, with a phone number to call for help. That number, we believe, will be routed to a phone bank scheduled to be held at CET's studios tonight from 7:30 to 9:30pm.

We repeat: ONLY analog TV viewers with no cable or satellite service will see that message. As far as we know, both Insight and Time-Warner get the digital signals from all local TV stations here. We'll find out here at the TSMW HQ tonight, along with the rest of the Tri-State, at 7:31pm.

By the way, we're hearing a similar test will be done in Arizona at 6:20pm local time tonight.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Review - How did the stations handle this winter storm?

Later tonight, I'll talk more about this, but for now, a couple thoughts.

-- 5's school closing graphic is considerably slimmer, but still has the same information.

-- 9 made full use of their "most accurate" moniker in their ads as usual.

-- 19's ads are effective...their closing graphic is confined to their usual news crawl, which is great for viewers who didn't like the larger graphics.

-- All stations had people at the salt pile, a couple had people in Northern Kentucky (the home of Your Tri-State Media Watcher).

More thoughts later tonight.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Final Update for This Week...

Barring major news coming late tonight, this will be the final update for this week, with a return Monday to 5 days-a-week blogging...

FOX19 Update: Still no word on the FOX19 situation as far as layoffs. I am wondering, along with Ohio Media Watch (TSMW's original inspiration for this blog and our NE Ohio companion) if, as I talked about yesterday in this space, ratings success + an expected departure by morning anchor Rob Williams doesn't = safety at WXIX for now...

Could Clear Channel Layoff Employees?: I've heard some speculation that Clear Channel will lay off folks at Kenwood Tower. Nothing confirmed mind you, but given recent history, it's worth following.

News 5 Campaigns: We've seen some of the latest spots for WLWT News 5's Power of Five Weather Team.

It appears they are moving away from the "Derek Said It Would" moniker at first glance...except that the slogan IS still used during the News 5 Today program.

Seems to us like they are moving the entire News 5 brand towards the "Straight To The Point" slogan used during recent spots for Sandra Ali and Sheree Paolello's solo newscasts at 6 and 11 respectively.

Has News 5 finally found a formula that works?'s too early to tell right now. We'll reserve judgement until the May books...

A couple of local items we missed from the radio side...

In our hiatus this week, we missed a couple of happenings in the radio biz...

Roberts Returns to the Queen City: All Access reports that a Tri-State native has returned to town, and is looking for an opportunity. Quoting All Access:

As previously mentioned on ALL ACCESS (NET NEWS 10/31), former TEJAS BROADCASTING Hot AC KLTG (THE BEACH 96.5)/CORPUS CHRISTI, TX PD/midday talent CHRIS ROBERTS has returned to his home town of CINCINNATI for family reasons.

ROBERTS is now settled back home in CINCINNATI and ready for his next radio programming or on-air opportunity. Reach out to CHRIS at (361) 949-0369, or

Welcome back Chris, and hopefully you can find an opportunity in the market, even with the mess the economy is in right now...

WSWD-FM Concert Raises $4,000 for Toys For Tots: 97.3FM The Sound (WSWD-FM) raised nearly $4,000 Saturday, December 6th for Toys For Tots during their concert featuring acts like The Ting-Tings, Shiny Toy Guns and Safetysuit along with a few local bands.

Quoting again from AllAccess:

Listeners donated over 130 toys at select MEIJER locations for "THE SOUND’s SHINY TOYS FOR SHINY TOY GUNS" campaign where listeners received tickets to the concert in exchange for new toys for TOYS FOR TOTS. THE SOUND also held a "NOT SO SILENT AUCTION" during the concert, featuring autographed memorabilia from artists.

WSWD PD JAY KRUZ said, "97.3 THE SOUND is built around the concept of giving. "We’re proud to give to the community as part of our ongoing support of TOYS FOR TOTS and I believe we gave the people of CINCINNATI a great concert."

We here at TSMW congratulate 97.3 on their successful concert and toy drive.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fox19 Speculation

We still have not heard of layoffs at FOX19 WXIX-TV in town.

However we may have at least one reason, and maybe two, for why there have yet to be announcements. These are speculation ONLY.

Reason 1 - Rob Williams' Expected Departure: Back a month or two ago, before TSMW was started by yours truly, morning anchor Rob Williams was rumored to be headed for Detroit to take an early evening newscast spot. His contract is up in March. That move isn't confirmed.

Reason two - FOX19's Recent Dominance: Except in the 6:30 time slot, Fox19 did really well in the most recent ratings book in November. The station does well in the 10pm slot (dominant over Channel 12's 10pm CinCW news offering), and competes at 6am, as well as beating Good Morning America and Today 7-9am.

Now again, those are pure speculation. Raycom just cut six at WTOL-TV CBS 11 (Toledo). And that station is a powerhouse in that market. So, reason two may not have much bearing. Williams' departure seems to be more likely the reason, although even that may only have an impact for so long (April maybe?).

Time Warner making changes to lineups in Cincinnati, Oxford

UPDATE 3:15AM 12/12: In a comment on this report, Joseph reports not being able to receive CSPAN2. Upon checking with a source on the north side of Cincinnati who has Time Warner(Hat tip: Mike Taylor, a longtime friend and fellow DJ with Your Tri-State Media Watcher), CSPAN2 should be on Channel 165. If it hasn't shown up by morning, email us at

Original Item Below:


There's a few changes to channel lineups in the Cincinnati and Oxford areas for Time Warner subscribers, says John Kiesewetter, citing information received from Time Warner Cable's Cincinnati offices. (Here at TSMW HQ, we get Insight Cable from Northern Kentucky and not Time Warner.) Here's the scoop on the changes, taking effect TODAY:

C-SPAN2: Is moving for the Cincinnati and former Adelphia areas (Delhi for example) from 59 (digital) and 9 (cable ready) to position 165 on the "digital access tier." Customers with a converter box will have access to C-SPAN2 still even with just basic service, according to Time Warner.

CNN Headline: Will be on position 10 for both cable ready and converter customers in Cincinnati. Moves to 24 in former Adelphia area.

HSN: Moves to position 9 in Cincinnati. (We assume this is for both Cable Ready and those with a converter. Anyone who can confirm this, please email me.)

ShopNBC: In Oxford ONLY, remains on basic with a move to channel position 22.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back from Hiatus...

Your Tri-State Media Watcher is back from the hiatus, after a doctor's appointment. We'll get to that point in just a few minutes. First, the media news...

FOX19 Layoff Update: We still aren't hearing anything about Fox19 having any layoffs stemming from company-wide cutbacks at Raycom, which owns that station and many others nationwide, including WOIO-TV CBS 19 and WUAB-TV MyNetworkTV 43 in Cleveland, where an update to OMW's earlier post (in the item immediately before this) reveals as many as 13 cuts were made. The layoffs may amount to 10 percent of Raycom's workforce nationally...

Nuxhall Denied Again: Thanks to Jonathan Goolsby for this...

Joe Nuxhall, former Reds pitcher and announcer who died in 2007 of complications from lymphoma, has been passed over yet again for the Ford C. Frick Award, which would have guaranteed Nux entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The winner of the award is Tony Kubek, who was a Yankees shortstop and announcer for NBC Game Of The Week broadcasts. He'll be inducted July 26.

TSMW Health Update: Finally, the promised update on yours truly.

I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon, during which doctors discussed my symptoms and ran a couple simple exams. It is now thought that anxiety attacks, and not only stress, triggered my syncopal episodes. I will be followed for the next week and if they persist, other tests will be run.

This does not mean I am out of the woods, it simply means that I should get better if it is only anxiety issues.

Special thanks go out to Ohio Media Watch, 74WIXYgrad, and all my other readers for the prayers and thoughts that have been sent my way in the last couple of days. They are greatly appreciated from here at TSMW HQ.

BREAKING: Cuts at Fox19??

The layoff axe may have fallen at Fox19 and their parent, Raycom Media.

Ohio Media Watch reports that WXIX-TV/DT Fox19 parent company Raycom Media is reportedly laying off employees on a company-wide basis. There have been 15 cuts at the Memphis Raycom station, WMC-TV NBC 5. And OMW reports that the Cleveland affiliate, WOIO-TV/DT CBS 19/WUAB-TV/DT MNTV 43, may have suffered double digit layoffs.

Here in the TSMW coverage area, it's not clear that WXIX is affected...but with the cuts being rumored to be's safe to say there's bound to be someone affected at Fox19.

And a Quick Note: This story brings us out of our hiatus (long enough to post this item), as again - we'd planned to bring you major news if there were layoffs. If our thinking is correct, FOX19 will be short a bunch of talented folks...

We will return to this blog more permanently as early as tonight, or as late as all depends on a doctor's appointment for Your Tri-State Media Watcher later today...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Personal Update from TSMW Editor Jeremy Moses

This normally would go in my Personal Thoughts/Observations from N KY blog, but I am going to post it here as well as there (post there in a few minutes), in hopes that those who might not go to that blog, will see this one.

I am still taking time away from TSMW and the Personal Thoughts blog, however, I feel that it is critical to update you on events that occurred yesterday evening.

Yesterday at approximately 8:30pm EST, I was at Florence Mall in Florence. I had just met up with a friend of mine (whose name I cannot currently remember). Suddenly, I collapsed to the floor, and remained unconscious for a couple of minutes. I had to be taken to Saint Luke West Hospital as a result.

It is currently unclear what exactly is causing my fainting spells although it is known NOT to be either electrolytes, a heart problem OR diabetes. It could be the stress of the breakup referenced yesterday...or it may be an underlying cause known as Arnold Chiari Malformation, in which my brain protrudes into my spinal cord.

If it is the ACM, my days of running all over town are over and I will be limited in what I am able to do.

If it is not, but there is still something besides just emotional stress, then the effects will be less severe. And if it is ONLY emotional stress...well then everything will clear up once my life returns to some normalcy.

Until then, I am asking for your thoughts and prayers as I prepare to undergo testing in the next couple of days to determine what, if anything, caused my recent fainting spells.


Jeremy S. Moses
Editor of Tri-State Media Watch and Personal Thoughts/Observations from N KY

Monday, December 8, 2008

Six new channels for Time Warner - Cincy subscribers.

Time Warner Cable will add six new channels at the end of the year, according to their website at this link.

Animal Planet, ESPNEWS, Golf Channel, MLB Network, the Science Channel and PBS Kids Sprout (a preschool channel) will all be added December 30, and USA HD, Sci-Fi HD, and My Life on Demand are in the pipeline for sometime in 2009.


Once again, this is the final item for the next couple days, barring a radio station changing formats or massive layoffs at any station/company cluster between now and Thursday morning. I will return then. Thank you for reading TSMW, and as always if there's anything you have to report, email me at

Going on a short hiatus...

Because of personal reasons, this blog will be on a short hiatus beginning tonight.

I endured an extremely messy breakup on Sunday, and I cannot really concentrate on this blog at this time.

Any major items (format changes, mass layoffs, etc.) will be posted as I receive word...but do not expect daily postings until Thursday, December 11, 2008.

Thursday, I'll catch up on all other items, but the final pre-hiatus blog will be about the TWC-Cincy new channel additions to their digital service.

~Jeremy Moses
Editor, Tri-State Media Watch

BREAKING: Tribune to file for bankruptcy?

It seems the Tribune Company, owners of the Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, and the Chicago Cubs is weighing a possible Chapter 11 filing.

The Chicago Tribune itself reports that they've hired law firm Sidley Austin and investment bank Lazard Ltd. to explore what would happen if they file. The Tribune reports that the company has been struggling under $13 billion of debt, and that $70 million of unsecured debt is due today.

Of course the Tribune has also suffered from the troubles plaguing the newspaper business.

On Geraldo At Large on Fox News, Geraldo Rivera cited the Wall Street Journal as saying that the company could file "as soon as this week".

The Cincinnati connection to this story?

It involves one Randy Michaels, who was formerly an executive at Jacor, which owned WKRC-TV 12 in the 1990s. He remained even after Jacor was bought by Clear Channel in 1999, moving up within CC to become President and CEO before leaving in 2005 to start his own consulting firms. He gave up those positions one year ago to become first executive vice president and CEO of the broadcasting and interactive operations of Tribune, then Chief Operating Officer this past May.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

One more story...and this is a lighthearted one...

We have a lighthearted story for you tonight...

If you watch much TV (and we here at TSMW watch quite a bit), you know the Capital One commercial spots that ask "What's in your wallet?"

It appears a Tri-State man is the elf who delivers that tagline in the newest spots now airing nationwide.

Chip Chinery, a comedian, 1982 St. Xavier (Cincinnati, not Louisville) graduate, Anderson Twp. native and former Production Assistant at WCPO-TV 9, is that jolly elf in these commercials, according to John Kiesewetter's latest blog entry.

Chinery says he still does standup in L.A., including at the Improv there. He notes that he liked the costumes...some of the elves, even though you won't see them in the commercial itself, wore handmade custom shoes.

The commercial was shot over two days in September, and included a few different characters, like a mechanical reindeer. (We couldn't make that sound any less weird to us if we tried.) In the end, the commercial you see is the final spot chosen.

See clips of Chinery in action here, and enjoy the Capital One spots. (Apparently, yes, Santa's elf, and maybe Santa himself, has them in HIS wallet!)

Friday, December 5, 2008

An update or two to clear the plate...

Just a quick thing or two before this weekend, and my scheduled 9pm-12am (at least) DJ shift:

WKRP Update: We have a correction to the story reported before Thanksgiving about WKRP-TV.

It now appears that WKRP is ONLY a branding slogan for the time being. We're told Elliot Block hasn't yet made the decision to change the call letters...but, theoretically, that can still occur. It just hasn't yet...thanks to our friends at Ohio Media Watch for the update...

The O'Reilly Factor is...OFF: OMW also reports that Bill O'Reilly's radio "Factor" won't be a factor for too much longer.

Westwood One, which syndicates the show across the US, announces that Mr. O'Reilly will pull the plug on the show in early 2009.

O'Reilly tells the New York Post:

"The media business is getting more and more intense," O'Reilly said Thursday. "We've got to keep the TV show at the level we have it now, and that means more and more time to keep it competitive and fresh. I've been working 60, 65 hours a week and I just can't keep doing that."

In the Tri-State area, O'Reilly isn't much of a...well, Factor...his only clearances anywhere remotely NEAR the Cincinnati market are in Portsmouth and Columbus in Ohio, Indianapolis, IN, and Louisville and Lexington in Kentucky...none of which really reach the Tri-State with much of any kind of listenable signal. The exception may be the Portsmouth clearance which can get into Adams and Brown counties in Ohio, or Mason County, KY.

This will likely be our final update of the week, unless major news should break late this afternoon. Even then, the update probably won't be until tonight as we'll be otherwise occupied. Have a great weekend, and do us a favor...get outside, get your shopping something other than sit at the computer. Here at TSMW, we're planning on exactly that...with a movie planned for Saturday and plans to otherwise stay offline Sunday.

Finally, Local Stations DO Something About the Digital Switch!

We'll find out in just under two weeks how ready the Cincinnati area is for the switch from analog TV to DTV, according to John Kiesewetter's blog.

On December 17 from 7:30pm to 7:35pm, viewers watching TV on analog sets without cable or satellite service or a converter box will see a message telling them that they must act before February 17, 2009 to ensure that they'll continue to receive local programming. Only those viewers will see this message.

Cable and satellite TV's and those which have converters attached will work fine.

Employees from all of the local stations will man a phone bank from 7:30 to 9:30pm, says Kiesewetter.

Bill Fee, General Manager at WCPO-TV/DT 9, predicts that "The 20 lines will be jammed. We had 10 lines for a digital TV phone bank one day in November, on our 5-6;30 p.m. news, and we couldn't handle the calls."

It's part of a statewide test being conducted by the Ohio Association of Broadcasters. It also may be a nationwide date, but as far as Kiese and Your Tri-State Media Watcher are aware, KET doesn't plan to participate.

Now, a short rant. (We'll separate facts from opinion here by a horizontal line.)


Here at Tri-State Media Watch, we recently commented on the lack of educational efforts by local TV stations.

It is great to see somebody was apparently listening to us, and decided to conduct this test, and to have a phone bank available on the night of the test.

However, there's still more to do. All of the affected stations need to spend the next two weeks educating the public. By this, we do NOT mean the standard PSA's, crawls, etc.. We mean stories on their newscasts, stories on their websites, the whole deal. (Note: All of the stations do have DTV sections on their's a start. But, perhaps they should be made more prominent?)

Here's a message to WKRC, WLWT, WCPO, WSTR, and WXIX: Educate your Before the test, air some kind of special simulcast. Don't rely on the test alone.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

BREAKING: Other Shoe Drops on COX - All units will combine

When one shoe drops, the other is sure to follow...although, we admit we didn't see this one dropping so quick. Perhaps COX bosses are reading this blog...and if so, we're glad they are...we want them to see we mean business about covering Ohio/KY/Indiana TV/Radio/Print media...

All Access reports tonight that COX Radio, COX TV and COX Newspapers will now combine to form COX Media Group. Quoting All Access:

COX ENTERPRISES has decided to merge its three media units -- COX Newspapers, COX Television and COX Radio -- under a new organization named COX MEDIA GROUP, Inc., effective JANUARY 2009. COX veteran SANDY SCHWARTZ has been named President of the new entity, which will be headquartered in ATLANTA.

"Bringing together our media operations under one organization creates efficiencies that allow us to strengthen COX for the future," COX ENTERPRISES Pres./COO JIMMY HAYES stated. "Working together, our businesses will grow to become more cost effective, learn more from each other and continue their leadership position in serving our markets."

You'll recall that earlier today we posted information about COX Newspapers closing its Washington, DC bureau in April 2009. That closing now seems like a moot point, as you'll recall we mentioned that COX Radio and COX TV will keep a bureau in that city.

It would seem to us here at TSMW that COX now could consolidate all of its D.C. news operations into that broadcasting arm news bureau...and may in fact do so. Even if so, that likely won't change the status of the employees who were scheduled to be laid off when the COX Newspaper bureau in D.C. closed.

It is also not clear how or if this would affect Dayton's COX properties, which include the Dayton Daily News and WHIO-TV/AM/FM.

BREAKING: COX Newspapers to Close D.C. Bureau...Dayton Not Affected...

COX Newspapers has announced that they will close their Washington, DC national and international news bureau, effective April 1, 2009.

However, this does not affect the Dayton Daily News, nor does it affect the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Both papers will keep correspondents there according to Editor and Publisher Journal, with a follow up here. (Also impacted: papers in Hamilton and Middletown.)

For that matter, COX Broadcasting will also continue to have a bureau there for the TV and Radio side of the COX house.

Any and all eligible mployees of the DC bureau (meaning those who do not work for the Dayton Daily News or Atlanta Journal-Constitution) will be offered severance packages. Their jobs will be intact until early 2009.

By the way, the same item reports that Bureau Chief Andy Alexander will retire at the end of this year. (Our best wishes to Mr. Alexander)

It just goes to show you, we did say the layoffs are nowhere near done yet...either in broadcasting, OR in print...

Thoughts regarding layoffs...

Before I began TSMW, I was a reader of Ohio Media Watch (and I still read them now and anything they have to share that I find of interest to my readers, I post here with credit). And that blog was a source of a lot of information about layoffs across Ohio and continues to be now (their latest entry is an example).

Over the last couple years, we have noticed layoffs increasing at a rapid pace in Southwest Ohio. In the last 9 months alone, WKRC-TV 12 has laid off a quarter of its staff...WXIX had to fire its GM, and WLWT's ratings are still last in the market.

And there is no sign of an end to this.

In fact, WLWT is going to have to cut one million dollars, and likely lay off some of its staff. One weather person will likely be laid off.

The cuts also extend to the radio dial, as mentioned in the previous post. (UPDATE 1:25PM 12/3: And print media is also impacted, see our very next item for proof of that)

We here at TSMW hope that everyone escapes the layoff monster this year, but we're not at all confident. We'll bring you all of that as it comes...

Really not much to update...

With not much happening in the market, this is a quickie with some shock value...thanks to a tip from Jonathan Goolsby...

Regent Communications is a broadcasting company that owns 62 radio stations in 13 markets in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, and Texas. None of those any closer than Evansville, IN/Owensboro, KY...but they are based in Cincinnati. And that's why we're telling you this information.

Jonathan tells TSMW that the stock is getting "killed". And he's right. The price on the stock will shock you.

NINE cents.

That's not a typo. NINE cents. $0.09.

Talk about getting killed on the stock market.

Why is this happening? As near as we here at the Blog-O-Fun can tell, it's merely one of the more extreme examples of the economic crash taking its toll on a station ownership group.

You might recall that this blog reported on the firing of Richard Skinner from 96.5 (WFTK-FM 96Rock) early in its existence. That was a budget move...but that was tame compared to this.'

If we were the good folks at this company's holdings across the US, we'd be keeping our resumes up to date. No, we haven't heard of any moves by Regent, but with the stock price as low as it is, it's nearly a foregone conclusion.