Monday, February 1, 2010

NEW: Rhodes Out - At Least for Now - At WDJO

We have late breaking news this morning about a radio host that had been expected to make his return to the airwaves a month ago.

Dusty Rhodes, the county auditor for Hamilton County, has stepped down from the morning show of the soon to be WDJO-AM 1480/Cincinnati, reports John Kiesewetter today. Ted McAllister replaces Rhodes for the 6-10 AM shift starting today. The WDJO calls move to 1480 officially tomorrow, after Alchemy Broadcasting takes possession of the station today.

Rhodes is only stepping down for the next 10 months... during the election season. He found out over the weekend that he's got an opponent for the Auditor's seat in November in former State Rep. Tom Brinkman Jr. Equal time rules require that Rhodes would have to step down from WDJO in May anyway - but he decided to go now to give McAllister time to settle in.

There's no word if or when Rhodes would return to daily radio, but he'll still produce some special shows for syndication, including his awesome Christmas show which we got to hear this year.

Dusty, we look forward to hearing you back full time sometime soon hopefully...

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