Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rhodes Takes a Break

John Kiesewetter is the first to report this...we're just picking it up...

Dusty Rhodes, Hamilton County's current auditor and part-time host at WDJO-AM 1480/Cincinnati, will be taking a break from his 5-10 AM morning show.

Rhodes did his last show for the station, which features the programming formerly at what is now WQRT-AM 1160/Florence, on Friday morning. He's been a Cincinnati radio staple for 48 years, with WSAI-AM (when it was at 1580), WLW-AM 700/Cincinnati, WDJO (the 1160 version), and WGRR-FM 103.5/Cincinnati to his credit, among others.

It's only a break for the 68 year old, who will return by the new year, according to Rodger Kay, who is OM for the Blue Ash oldies station. Rhodes says he has things he has to catch up on, and will be updating his Christmas music marathon program while he's away.

Subbing for him is Marty Thompson, who has WLW, WUBE-FM 105.1/Cincinnati, WDJO, WGRR, and other stations to his credit, and who now is programming VP for Dallas, Texas-based TKO Radio Network, and does a syndicated show out of his Miami Twp. home. That show reaches 130 affiliates 6 nights a week - but we don't know if any Cincinnati stations are among them.

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